Ecoverly Animated Cover Tool REVIEWED!

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Hello my readers, I am here again to show a details about a new product called “ecoverly”. My honest ecoverly animated cover tool reviewed here. This is the a cloud based software which can create latest ebook cover designs with in a minute with the help of AI technology. It have power to design animated cover of ebook, Boxes, Business card, PFD cover, Flyers etc. This can save your time and money.

Assuming you’re in any way similar to me, you fear planning covers for your digital books, reports and other computerized items. I’ve spent a great deal of nights and many dollars making digital book covers and frequently I’ve Couldn’t stand the outcomes.

I’ve likewise attempted a ton of eCover configuration devices throughout the long term. Some were great, most were not. Yet, practically every one of them feel a piece obsolete today so that is the reason a fresh out of the box new eCover maker called eCoverly grabbed my attention.

This is a spic and span device that makes proficient looking Enlivened eCovers like a flash. You can make energized covers for your reports, books, courses, web recordings and basically some other sort of computerized item or administration you can envision. See below how it looks?

Ecoverly Animated Cover Tool REVIEWED!

What is eCoverly?

eCoverly is a cloud based digital book cover maker device. Not at all like other eCover configuration instruments, it permits you to make energized ecovers.

For what reason is that significant? Indeed, vivified ecovers are only one way for you to stand apart from the enormous contest online today – particularly on commercial centers and in Facebook channels where it’s vicious for individuals’ consideration and cash!

eCoverly involves premade layouts you can alter to make covers for a scope of various item types. It’s quite simple to utilize, saving you a tremendous measure of time and cash making covers.

Ecoverly Review Overview

Who is creatorAdeel Chowdhry
Product NameEcoverly
Launch Time02 Oct 2023
Launch Time11:00 AM EST
Official WebsiteVisit Official Website
Front-End Price$37
BonusesMega Bonus
Guarantee30 days Money Back Guarantee
Support24 Hours

Who is Creator?

This software is created by Adeel Chowdhry, He is awarded the best seller of click bank and Jvzoo. He got name fame at early time. His last product was a SQRIBBLE.

Here is a fast outline of the center highlights:

Make energized ecovers – 40 layouts to browse and everything is completely editable.

Make static ecovers – 250 layouts to save you time and they’re all completely editable as well.

Pick your item model – models are the shape/kind of item you need to make. For instance you can plan a cover for a case, a Cd, a report, and so on. You get 20 of these various models to add your plan to.

This is most certainly one of the more straightforward ecover configuration devices I’ve utilized, however it’s really loaded with stacks of convenient highlights and the completed plans look much more expert than I was anticipating.

For instance, I made these enlivened covers in less than 6 minutes on my most memorable endeavor…



Which are the item to make covers?

Beside making enlivened covers, eCoverly likewise permits you to make static covers as well. Dissimilar to different instruments, there are lots of layouts to kick you off and there’s likewise the choice to make covers for 9 distinct item bundling styles:

✅ Books
✅ Boxes
✅ Business/Participation Cards
✅ Cds and DVDs
✅ Flyers and Magazines
✅ Large Screens and IMac
✅ PCs
✅ Mobiles
✅ Tablets
The simplified supervisor is exceptionally smooth and simple to utilize and when you’re altering covers, you can embed and resize pictures, add/alter/restyle text styles, colorize pictures and apply various impacts like grayscale, vignette and grit.

You could change the brilliance and straightforwardness of pictures so by and large a truly flexible device’s piles simpler to use than others like it (and way less expensive and more straightforward than Photoshop!)

What likewise intrigued me was the colossal picture library that you can get to right from your eCoverly dashboard. This gives you admittance to a huge assortment of clasp craftsmanship, stock pictures and the capacity to transfer and save your own pictures (incredible for adding logos, profile pics, and so on.)

There’s likewise a web-based picture store which permits you to rapidly track down pictures from Pixabay and Symbol locater and apply them to your plan without leaving the product or looking through different sites, which I figured out was a major opportunity saver.

Music Player: You can pay attention to worked in music while planning your covers.

There’s loads of textual styles to look over as well and each style can be altered with shadows, frames, word space and character separating. There’s a ton of customization that makes it simple to make one of a kind ecovers before long.

In the event that you’re working with clients, there’s likewise a client module which permits you to share your plans straightforwardly with clients. I truly like this since it saves time saving plans to your hard drive, append to an email and additionally transfer to find out about Drive. All things considered, you can simply share the plan straightforwardly and get input from your clients quicker. Exceptionally cool! The greatest selling point for me is the nature of the Enlivened covers. These things simply look astounding and way better than whatever I might see as on Fiverr or Upwork (without paying $50 for!)

The present moment, vivified covers are another thing, so it’s difficult to come by anybody (or whatever) can assist with making them quick, modest and to this expert norm. eCoverly tackles that issue!

The nature of these eCovers is earnestly next level for a piece of programming that does a large portion of the world for you. All in all, check these beautiful plans out…


I’ve paid $100’s for plans like this before. Presently I get to siphon them out in seconds without paying again and again. Astounding.

What invigorates me about eCoverly is that it’s a straightforward method for helping book deals. Assuming that you read every one of the examinations, you’ll realize that a superior book cover can increment deals up to 11 x (and at times more.)

So this is a device that is certainly going to help me – and a ton of others – get new covers made quick and begin seeing more deals coming in.

Obviously, the most thrilling thing is the way that this device makes Energized covers alongside normal covers.

Enlivened covers are being utilized by smash hit writers and significant distributing houses to sell more books – for what reason might we at any point do likewise?

With eCoverly, we can!

Who is it for?

eCoverly is most likely most appropriate to fledgling advertisers, organizations and individuals who are making two or three thousand every month with their computerized items however need to push through to a higher level with additional deals.

I can likewise see a significant use for specialist essayists who compose fiction and need to make their book stick out (and gain regard from their friends.)

One way or the other, it’s for individuals who need to sell more computerized items without spending a fortune on plan offices or specialists, and without ripping their hair out with configuration instruments.

By making energized ecovers, I see a tremendous upper hand arising for a many individuals who put resources into this device.

There’s likewise the capacity to work with clients, where huge load of cash could be made making energized covers for them as well. This is a totally undiscovered market that is developing quickly.

What does it cost?

Ordinarily it is repeating yet the unique send off cost is a one-time $37.
$37 Individual Permit
$47 Business Permit
$67 Premium Business Permit

Reform your computerized game with eCoverly, the world’s most memorable 3D enlivened and static eCover maker! Express farewell to dull, static eCovers and hi to eye-getting, energized plans that will make your clients quit looking over and begin clicking. Zero coding or plan abilities? Don’t sweat it! eCoverly comes stacked with stunning layouts and models that are as simple to use as they are delightful. Hang out in an immersed market and skyrocket your high ticket deals. Now is the ideal time to rejuvenate your items more than ever with eCoverly.

Highlights include:

✅ Enlivened Sorcery – 40 vivified formats
✅ Static Style – 250 static formats
✅ Model Assortment – 20 (2D and 3D) ecover models
✅ Computer based intelligence Virtuoso Supervisor – Smart and easy customization
✅ Visual Banquet – Broad picture and text style libraries
✅ Picture Library – Clipart, stock pictures and transfer your own
✅ Drag, Drop, Done – Three simple tasks to making an ecover
✅ Across the board – No other programming required
✅ Tune In – Builtin manager music player
✅ Hostile to Burglary – Watermark motor for security
✅ Access Anyplace – Cloud based
⭐ Reward: Simple task by step video instructional exercises
⭐ Reward: Business license*
⭐ Reward: Office website*
⭐ Reward: Client administrator dashboard*
⭐ multi Day fulfillment ensure
⭐ day in and day out Client assistance
⭐ Low one time cost!

Any upsells?

Indeed, there are 5 upsells. You needn’t bother with any of them to utilize eCoverly yet a great deal of them are excellent increases which are good to have.

They are this:

Upsell 1 – eCoverly Proficient

Upgrades your eCoverly programming with 150 extra energized eCover formats, 400 extra static cover layouts, 40 extra model styles, and extremely cool “1 snap enchantment” device that permits you to apply a solitary plan to different models with a solitary snap. This is truly valuable assuming you’re planning a cover for an item that has loads of parts (BOX, Disc, Sound, REPORT, And so on) on the grounds that you simply click a button and your plan is applied to every one of the components of your bundle.

Highlights include:

✅ 150 more vivified ecover formats
✅ 400 more static ecover formats
✅ 40 more ecover models
✅ 1-Snap wizardry change
✅ More capacity
✅ Boundless customization
✅ Unrivaled highlights
✅ Redesigned power
✅ Free programming refreshes
⭐ Reward: Business permit
⭐ Reward: Simple task by step video instructional exercises
⭐ multi Day fulfillment ensure
⭐ all day, every day Client service
⭐ Yearly Membership OR Low one time cost!

Upsell 2 – Groups and Models

Help your deals with eCoverly Groupshots, offering 100 groupshot pack ecovers and 100 genuine mockups. Presently you can create both enlivened and static ecovers for any advanced item you can imagine. These fight tried plans will lift your high ticket programs. Simply add your energized ecover plans to these packs and mockups, and experience a flood in your deals.

Highlights include:

✅ Groupshot Packs – Show your ecovers inside specially crafted groupshot groups. 100 different style packs to browse!
✅ 100 Groupshot Packs – Looked over 100 changed style group to make both static and energized plans
✅ Mockup Skins – Show your ecovers inside the most recent popular genuine world
✅ Gadgets like workstations, telephones, screens, tablets and some more! 100 distinct mockup skins to look over!
✅ 100 Mockup Skins – Browsed 100 different style mockup skins to make both static and energized plans
✅ Customization – Make your own exceptional ecover packs with altered styles and designs
⭐ Reward: Business permit
⭐ Reward: Simple task by step video instructional exercises
⭐ multi Day fulfillment ensure
⭐ all day, every day Client service
⭐ No month to month expenses, once installment!

Upsell 3 – Prime

Join Prime to partake in a nonstop stockpile of 360 specialty layouts for an entire one year with next to no month to month expenses and begin your own month to month ecover configuration administration. Consistently, get 30 new, only created formats that you can offer to anxious clients, keeping 100 percent of each and every deal. These specialty plans are made only for you, guaranteeing that you generally bring something exceptional to the table.

Highlights include:

✅ 10 new Vivified layouts consistently
✅ 20 new Static formats consistently
✅ Adds more Energized foundations to your library
✅ Adds more static foundations to your library
✅ Adds more movement resources for your library
✅ Adds more pictures and media to your library
✅ Made solely for PRIME individuals as it were
✅ Incorporates the most recent moving plans
✅ Plans across an assortment of specialty classes
✅ Novel high quality layouts
✅ Mesmerizing plans that proselyte
⭐ Reward: Business permit
⭐ Reward: Simple task by step video instructional exercises
⭐ multi Day fulfillment ensure
⭐ all day, every day Client assistance
⭐ No month to month expenses, once installment!

Upsell 4 – Gigs Legend

eCoverly Gigs Legend gets you new clients and gigs online in a flash. It likewise comes prepared with gigs the board apparatuses, custom profile and proposition formats saving you monstrous time from being required to physically look and oversee independent positions. Get compensated for making ecovers for clients quick, making upto $250 to $1,000 per work!

Highlights include:

✅ Auto Gigs Locater Programming – Finds you limitless new clients and gigs online with the goal that you can make a productive pay utilizing eCoverly!
✅ Moment Profile Layouts – Accomplished for you independent profiles that you can alter and utilize quickly to assist you with seeming to be an expert from day 1.
✅ Gig Proposition Layouts – Accelerate applications and increment your possibilities winning a client work with our demonstrated application formats!
✅ Bookmark Motor – Waitlist every one of the potential gigs that you need to and return to them when you’re prepared to apply!
✅ Work Tracker – Keep coordinated and a track of every one of your applications to clients to that you don’t get befuddled!
⭐ Reward: Simple task by step video instructional exercises
⭐ multi Day fulfillment ensure
⭐ day in and day out Client assistance
⭐ No month to month charges, once installment!

Upsell 5 – Office Version

Send off A Beneficial $100,000+ a year Plan Organization with eCoverly Office. It Incorporates all that you want, the total office pack to work for yourself. Likewise, you can convey projects quicker with groups. Add 25 extra colleagues to your record to expand your efficiency, clients and income overall from a distance.

Highlights include:

✅ One Major Group Record – Work together consistently with up to 25 colleagues on any task — each with their own safe login. Finish work quicker, together.
✅ Instant Organization Business in a Case – Begin a computerized office easily with our across the board bundle, including promotion materials and agreements.
✅ Done-For-You Limited time Web Pennants – Draw in new clients with instant, eye-getting web flags for your web-based stages.
✅ Done-For-You Client Fascination Messages – Utilize our pre-composed messages to bring in leads and present your organization.
✅ Done-For-You Client Proposition Pamphlets – Adaptable handouts for pitching your administrations, complete with vivified ecovers.
✅ Done-For-You Lawful Official Agreements – Safeguard your organization with adjustable, proficient agreements.
✅ Business Privileges to Plan eCovers for Clients – Offer ecover configuration administrations to clients, making an extra income stream with nothing to stress business freedoms.
✅ 24/7/365 Business Backing – Get nonstop help for any business inquiry or task hiccup.
⭐ Reward: Simple task by step video instructional exercises
⭐ multi Day fulfillment ensure
⭐ all day, every day Client assistance
⭐ No month to month expenses, once installment!

The awful

  • A couple of the static plans felt a piece dated.

The upside

  • Energized plans are proficient, smooth and truly attractive.
  • Simple to utilize simplified manager
  • Colossal customization to make special covers

The great

  • Makes dazzling energized ecovers right away
  • Simple to team up with clients inside the dashboard
  • Extremely proficient looking plans
  • Way more reasonable than different apparatuses


There’s a ton of ecover makers available today, yet eCoverly permits anybody to make vivified ecovers that really stick out and help deals.

Not at all like a ton of ecover originators at this price tag, it’s shockingly smooth to utilize and everything is very much positioned in the dashboard making it natural and simple (no lofty expectations to learn and adapt, yippee!)

There’s a great deal of customization you can do, however regardless of whether you just change the layouts marginally, you have a genuinely noteworthy ecovers all set in minutes (rather than vast weeknights grappling with photoshop or buggy formats that frequently seem to be a canine’s morning meal.)

At the point when you begin jumping into the picture library, there’s no restriction to what you can make with eCoverly and I was taking out enlivened ecovers quickly – and it was entertaining!

Furthermore, with the organization permit and client gateway included, you’re good to go up to assist clients with their covers as well – and this is an enormous undiscovered open door right currently as additional individuals are directing their concentration toward vivified covers.

On the off chance that you’re wanting to configuration covers for your digital books, reports, Encourage books, courses, webcasts and more sooner rather than later, eCoverly is an incredible time and cash saver – in addition to a basic method for sticking out and get more deals today!

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